"Beyond jewelry design, we aspire to transmit emotions and feelings, making women feel as they are: unique and special" 

Luisa López has a degree on Industrial Engineering. On 2018, she decided to abandon the corporate world for her love and admiration of the arts and crafts, creating her own brand to salvage and honor her country’s jewelry tradition. Artistic interest and unstoppable quest of new horizons has allowed her, through the creation of unique pieces, to express her sensibility and explore other aspects of her life. She reinvents herself through every design, creating different expressions to highlight women’s beauty.   

 “Our designs are inspired in modern women who take on challenges and feel their beauty as diverse expressions of femininity”

Our Essence

We look to promote and dignify the work of the Colombian artisans that participate in this sector’s supply chain. To achieve this, we create our jewels along with people who have inherited this millenary knowledge.

To recognize their value, we rely on fair trade business practices. By using ancestral techniques, along with environmentally friendly approaches, we offer high-quality pieces with a unique and timeless design.  

We trust our artisans’ hands to transform materials into carefully crafted jewelry masterpieces. Thus, we dignify their work, contributing to a better society.